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2.0 Preface to a Gitbook

-an introduction to this document's purpose, and how it's laid out


Your invitation here is the result of a conscious choice, meaning that in some capacity: we want you to be a part of this. This is a repository for all things related to the development of EVR; that they may be shared with interested/ invested parties, and referenced by those working on the project itself.

How best to approach the work

Skimmed, rifled, or read cover-to-cover; which ever way suits your style of discovery. The document has been constructed as a wiki with an arc: Plenty of cross links, but an attempt has been make it an enjoyable read.

What's here & why

We begin with a bit of world building: The narrative that drives what we are doing, our inspirations, assumptions, intentions, and what we see as the future of this endeavor. We want to be explicit about our vision, and the role the EVR Team plays in seeing it through.
Toolkit introduces our key components: the specific MacroTools being build to meet those ends, what each is meant to accomplish, and the board strokes of how. While heavy on the exposition, the aim is to firmly establish the context that necessitates each tool.
The world of EVR: Member profiles presents user-stories of the individual/organic 'users'. Applications & industry focuses on use-cases of institutional adoption & its benefits. Buildouts, Reskins, & Modularity imagines uses beyond our initial offering, and includes a bit of seeding strategy. Emergent patters speaks to the cumulative effects we anticipate.
Blue & White papers get into the specifics of how those tools are constructed (from a high-level-design perspective); outlining the component pieces of each MarcoTool and how they play into the over all architecture of the app, as well as the philosophy behind the inclusion necessity of each. Philosophy is addressed in the White paper, Architecture in the Blue.

Special Note from the Author

To be clear, this draft is still incomplete to varying degrees. Some pages are in need of an edit or two, some are placeholders for content that hasn't been uploaded yet, others are basically idea soup spilled onto a page. Prefixes attached to the titles of each page are used in tracking the relative level of completion for each. But ever onward! -With any luck throughput will increase proportionate to the discomfort felt in publishing it in such a state.
You can contact directly via email: [email protected]. Or follow our *very sparse* media presence @Evr_app on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok